Hi 👋 I'm a creative/art director, illustrator & brand designer. Using the creative process to develop insights and solve problems, I love to craft anything from small moments to big ideas with the intent of helping both organizations and individuals realize and develop their mission and core values.

Currently, I'm the art director for Tilbury House Publishers, an imprint of Cherry Lake Publishing Group in Ann Arbor. I've worked in a variety of creative roles in industries including: advertising/marketing, graphic design, brand identity design, video production, publishing, and web/UI design. I illustrate and animate and I build wireframes, user stories, prototypes, storyboards, animations, 3D conceptual product prototypes, and cigar-box guitars and banjos.

Graduating from Madison College, in Madison, Wisconsin I earned a 4.0 GPA and an Associate of Arts degree in Illustration and Graphic Design, as well as a Diploma Certificate in Social Media Strategies and Web Development. I'm also certified by Michigan State University (MSU Extension) as a Michigan Master Naturalist.

I enjoy painting and sculpture, photography, traditional arts and crafts, music, woodworking (yurts) and luthiery (musical instrument repair and upcycling) as well as gardening, mycology and beekeeping 🐝 with my lovely family of weirdos here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Most of all, I love to work with like-minded folks to help them succeed in any of the practices listed above which, in the end, helps build a diverse, unique and more creative world.