Album Cover Art

Tom Waits | Bone Machine


A reimagining of Tom Waits' early 1990's album, Bone Machine.

I paired an image of a dynamic splint with a botanical illustration of wild strawberries by British illustrator Lizzie Harper. My goal with the final cover was to deliver a balance between darkness & beauty, with a nod to the peculiar. The one-page design below tells the artist's story on how the album came to be and offers a glimpse into his creative process.

I followed Tom's lead in mashing up items that don't belong with everyday familiar objects in the following thumbnail sketches, offering a look at my fruitful conceptual range. Sharkbones on washboards, a Dali-esque valet in the desert, the bones of a typewriter, piano, or inner ear...

Tom Waits Album ArtTom Waits Album Art